Owner Gets $75,000 in Fines for Fire Alarm Infractions

The former owner of a hotel establishment in Huntsville and the principal of that company have each been charged and convicted on 10 counts of fire code violations under the Fire Protection and Prevention Act. The charges stem from an inspection on Jan. 7, 2013, where an unprecedented number of contraventions of the Ontario Fire Code were observed the most serious being the failure to maintain smoke alarms and the […]

Two Building Owners Fined for Fire Code Violations

Two Hamilton building owners have been convicted of offences under the Ontario Fire Code. The owner of a three-storey, nine-unit residential apartment building at 309 Barton St. E. was convicted on May 9 after failing to equip the building’s doors and windows leading out to the fire escape with closures that have a 20-minute fire-protection rating. The owner was fined $1,500. In the second case, the owner of a three-storey, […]