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Notes and Exclusions

Notes and Exclusions (if applicable)

  • Annual inspection costs not included, unless otherwise stated
  • Working hours of operation are from 8am to 5pm, Monday to Friday; excluding holidays and weekends
  • When performing modification to existing fire alarm networks, access to all nodes is required, return trip due to insufficient access will be subject to supplementary cost
  • This quote is based on the existing structural layout. If you do any remodeling or change in floor plans we will need to be notified immediately. Any changes in structural layout after we begin may result in additional fees
  • If engineered drawings (stamped or unstamped) are requested by the city or building inspectors after acceptance of this quote, extra charges will apply at customer’s expense.
  • Audible test (if required) will be completed immediately after verification unless otherwise stated or arranged for a later date. NOTE: All furnishing, ceiling tiles of area being tested must be 100% ready prior to decibel testing to allow for accurate readings. Failure to meet this requirement will result in return visit at addition costs and reflected on final reports
  • Additional test with owner, owner’s representative or Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ) will be billed at time and material and is not included with this quotation unless otherwise stated
  • Price does not include AHJ testing, after hours ESA (Electrical Safety Authority) testing or costs for any after-hours service unless otherwise stated in the quote
  • If new devices are being added or existing devices are being relocated DO NOT PULL WIRES FROM OR TO JUNCTION BOX. If you pull from or to a junction box, as per code, all devices must be re-verified on that circuit and additional labour cost will be incurred. Pulling from an existing device means you will need to verify the device before and after only
  • Quotation excludes any patching and painting. We will do our best to avoid damage; however, Trinity Fire & Security is not responsible for any cosmetic damage that may be incurred during the installation work
  • Price does not include Fire watch. The customer is responsible for securing fire watch protocol
  • Price does not include Return visit for security testing
  • Full verification, or V.I., refers to the complete testing of your system as per the law due to changes made to your fire alarm panel
  • Partial verification, refers to the testing of specific devices in a fire alarm system and does not refer to an incomplete verification
  • Trinity Fire and Security is not responsible for supplier inventory or shipping. Trinity will do their best to ensure all parts and material is ready for the work to commence. However to ensure a timely work schedule please sign and send back this quote, along with the deposit, if required, as soon as possible so that ordering of parts can be done
  • Deposits are non-refundable
  • Any alteration or deviation from the above involving additional costs will be performed only following acceptance by Trinity Fire and Security of purchaser’s written order and will become an additional cost to purchaser at Trinity Fire and Security then current charges therefore. This proposal may be withdrawn by Trinity Fire and Security if not accepted within 30 days from date shown above. Payment of final amount to be made, unless otherwise stated, Net 30 days from Invoice
  • If occupancy is required in a strict time frame, please allow six (6) weeks’ notice from date of acceptance of this quote. At which point prices may increase to accommodate the restricted time-frame
  • For all Terms and Conditions please refer to our Terms and Conditions