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Fire Code Violations in St. Catherines

Fire code violations

By Bill Sawchuk, St. Catharines Standard, 

Two St. Catharines property owners were convicted for fire code violations recently.

The owners of a home at 1 Grangeway Ct. pled guilty June 13 to fire code charges and were fined $5,000 after inspectors discovered the building had been converted from a single family dwelling to student housing with 10 rooms for rent.

The property owners failed to obtain building permits and the renovations lacked certain upgrades required by the Ontario Building Code, including adequate fire separations, fire doors, emergency lighting, exit facilities, fire extinguishers and a fire safety plan. The charges stem from an investigation in December 2013.

Welland Avenue Food Services Inc. pleaded guilty June 13 to not implementing an approved fire safety plan at A&W Restaurant at 522 Welland Ave. and was fined $3,000. Fire inspectors charged the restaurant operator in December 2013 after a fryer in the kitchen caught fire.

There were no injuries from the fire but employees were improperly trained in the restaurant’s fire safety plan.

The fire safety plan is intended to ensure every employee is familiar with how to evacuate the building, how to use a fire suppression system and other emergency procedures.

“We want the places in this city where people live, work and visit to be safe,” said Chris Leonard, chief fire prevention officer. “The City’s fire inspectors work to ensure everyone in our community is safe, whether they are working a part-time job, living in a seniors’ home or renting a room at a students’ residence.”

Source: St. Catharines Standard